Haitham al-Haddad

“The jihad was allowed also through stages and then the final stage is to fight everyone until they establish the law of Allah. The first stage after migrating to Medina the Prophet was allowed, ‘allowed’ to fight those who fought against him. Then the Prophet was ‘commanded’ to fight those who fought against him. Then the Prophet, and that is the final stage (?), and this I think all scholars agree on this, the Prophet were commanded to fight everyone until they established the law of Allah.

‘Fight them until they establish the deen of Allah’ or ‘until’ sorry, ‘fight them until the deen of Allah is established’. Now, the Prophet was commanded to do that when he established the Islamic State. Before establishing the Islamic State the Prophet was commanded to uphold and not to fight. Even in some cases not to fight back. And this is the steps that we need to follow, especially Muslims in the West. Muslims in the West are commanded not to fight, not to fight to establish the deen of Allah. It is not our job to do that and even if we do that while we are minorities then we are going against the sunnah of the Prophet. And this has to be made clear. If we use violence in the West while we are minorities to establish the deen of Allah then we are going against the sunnah of the Prophet and, as many scholars said, that we are actually committing sins, rather than committing or making good deeds. Why? Again because we said that the Prophet, when he went to Mecca he was spreading Islam, he was spreading tawheed. And then the next stage was that the people themselves, especially the dignitarians, when they accept Islam of course they will change the system and they will call for Islam to be established. So here we should do the same thing. We should call people to tawheed and then once there is a substancial amount of people, considerable amount of people who can make a change in this country without shedding the blood of people, once those people accept Islam and they can establish, they can make a change then and then only we can establish the deen of Allah in this country according to the meaning that we have mentioned.”

“Now the question is ‘So when do we establish jihad? When do we fight?’ This type of fighting which is called the ‘jihad al-talab’ which is wrongly translated as offensive jihad and it should be translated as pro-active jihad, this is better than offensive jihad. This pro-active jihad is carried out by the Islamic State, once there is The Islamic state, not ‘a’, ‘an’ Islamic state, not ‘any’ Islamic state, The Islamic State which is the Khilafah established, then that Khilafah can establish jihad because that type of jihad is not for individuals.”

Assim Al Hakeem

“When Islam came the only source of slavery permissible was through the prisoners of war. When Muslims fight the disbelievers and they refuse to embrace Islam, they fight them, they give them jihad, they make them jihad and they have prisoners of wars.”



What is Jihad?

“Jihad against the kaafirs and hypocrites is of four kinds: with the heart, the tongue, one’s wealth and oneself. Jihad against the kaafirs is more along the lines of physical fighting whereas jihad against the hypocrites is more along the lines of using words and ideas.

The idea of waging physical jihad against the kaafirs went through a number of stages, depending on the state in which the Muslim ummah was.

Then Allaah commanded him to warn his closest kinsmen, then to warn his people, then to warn the Arabs around them, then to warn all the Arabs, then to warn all of mankind. He continued to call them for over ten years from the beginning of his Prophethood, without fighting or imposing the jizyah; he was commanded to refrain, to be patient and to be forbearing.

Then permission was given to him to migrate, and permission was given to him to fight.

Then he was commanded to fight those who fought him, and to refrain from fighting those who left him alone and did not fight him.

Then Allaah commanded him to fight the mushrikeen so that the religion would all be for Allaah.”

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