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There is a call by some Muslims to celebrate and to congratulate the kuffar on their celebrations, on Thanksgiving and Christmas and so on. Of course, we’re not shocked at this. We are not shocked and this does not come as a surprise to us. Why is that? Because it is natural for those who are weak and impoverished to want to emulate those who are strong and have the upper hand.

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said ‘Let not one of you eat with his left hand, nor drink with it, for the Shaytan eats with his left hand and drinks with it.’ This hadith is in Muslim. So we don’t want to resemble the Shaytan, we do not want to resemble the people of the hellfire and likewise we do not want to resemble the kuffar. As for the kuffar, the first thing is, why would you want to follow a people whom you know and you’re sure that their end will be in the hellfire? Because collectively we know and we’re sure that they’re all going to end up in the hellfire as a group. We can not individually say this person is going to the hellfire, this person, we can’t do that, but collectively we know their end. So why would we ever want to be like them.

Also, we see that in following them, following them clashes with following the way of the Muslims. Because either you follow the ways of the Muslims or you follow the way of the kuffar…so following the ways of the kuffar clashes or contradicts with following the path and the ways of the Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and the believers.

So, following the ways of the kuffar also, even though it may be initially as a result of admiration, in itself it leads to further admiration and comfort and it breeds acceptance. Acceptance of their ways and acceptance of their beliefs. This explains, you know, the idea of acceptance and explains why some Muslims congratulate the kuffar on Christmas even though it’s something horrific in Islam. But it has become normal to them, they’re accepting it now whether it may be through constant exposure to it or other reasons…so, following their ways and resembling them leads to their acceptance. And it leads to a kind of comfort between them, those who follow them and the kuffar. So, some Muslims now are inviting their brothers and their sisters to partake in some of the celebrations of the non-Muslims and others are allowing their children to partake in some of the more obviously non-Islamic Eids such as Halloween. And of course it is not befitting for a Muslim who wants righteous children to allow them to celebrate a day when they’re taught that the dead are thought to return, and to beg for candy, dress like a devil. Righteousness doesn’t just come up suddenly but it must start at an early age. So we advise those Muslims to prevent their children from such celebrations and to explain why to them. Because a lot of times parents underestimate the level of understanding of their children. So they’ll give them ridiculous explanations, thinking that the kid won’t understand the real reason and that will just confuse the kid more. If they just tell them the evil of this celebration the child will understand that.

‘It is not allowed for Muslims to attend their’, meaning the disbelievers, ‘holidays and festivals because they are a type of evil and falsehood. If the people of good mix with the people of evil without putting an end to what they’re doing, they become like those who are pleased and influenced by evil.’

So we should be careful how we throw around this term ‘extreme’ and ‘this is extreme’ and so on. And if people think this is extreme then what would they have to say about Umar (Radia Allah Anh) when he said (Arabic) Stay away, keep clear, stay away from the enemies of Allah in the days of their Eid.’  This is Umar (Radia Allah Anh) speaking to us. During his reign there’s another incident. Muslim women they like some of the garments that the women of the kuffar were wearing. So they started to make garments similar to the garments of the women of the kuffar. So when Umar heard of this (Arabic) he wrote to his governor (Arabic). I’ll read what he wrote, he said ‘I have come to know that some of the women of the Muslims have come to wear the clothes of the kuffar. Fear Allah, fear Allah and forbid that and allow anything besides it.’ We’re an ummah. We’re a seperate Ummah. We’re distinct…and it’s not befitting for us to want to follow those of the kuffar and so on.

So congratulating them is forbidden and whether they are your colleagues at work or at school, it’s still forbidden. And if they do greet you or tell you ‘Merry Christmas’ and so on, you should  not respond.

So, and it is also haram to accept invitations to such occasions and gatherings because this is worse than congratulating them, because now you’re actually partaking in this celebration. And also because the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said ‘Whoever imitates a people is one of them.’

And we just wanna stress that the problem with Christmas is that we don’t have hatred for shirk, or that those Muslims who congratulate and so on, they don’t have the hatred in their heart for shirk, or they’re probably used to it because of constant exposure to it and perhaps they do not see its seriousness. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) says in the Quran (Arabic) ‘And the Jews and the Christians will never accept you until you follow their creed, until you follow their beliefs.’

Hudood punishments

“…zina has become so rampant that we don’t reject it. And we don’t even, in our heart, we don’t resist it even in our heart. We hear about zina so much, we sympathise with those who commit zina. Many Muslims are angry when they hear that in Islam the zani is flogged, is whipped. Why? They even say ‘That’s cruel.’ But the person committed zina, weren’t you angered by that part of the equation?”

“I always use the example of the drug dealer in Saudi Arabia. What happens to the drug dealer in Saudi Arabia? Yeah it’s executed, That’s great, I think we should do that in the United States. Then how many cool drug dealers will be driving their vehicles with their heads cut off? It’ll be excellent…fantastic, great deterrent.

So our system works. It’s been proven to work. It’s a good deterrent. That’s how it works, it’s scary and it’s a deterrent, yeah? Nobody wants their hand cut off, so it’s not worth stealing.”

“So yes, don’t spend all your time talking about sharia and we’ll kill the adulterer, have you ever committed adultery by the way? This is what we will do to you in an Islamic state, we dig a hole…OK wait a minute, not necessary. These are the boundaries so what if we sell the other part of the sharia, there will be justice, there will be no poor people, no one will go to be hungry, there will be no corruption, no bribes, anything like that.”


“The question is ‘Why is the apostate killed in Islam?’…if someone leaves their allegiance to their country they should be killed, so if they leave their allegiance to Allah nothing happens?

…in Islam, off course, you know, it’s a very different system. It’s not like somewhere you heard someone leaves Islam and you just go get him and stuff like that. First of all it’s done by the authorities, there are procedures and steps involved. First of all they talk to him, yeah, about, yanni, the scholars refute any doubt that he has on the issue, they spend days with him refuting and arguing with him, trying to convince him. Then they might even, yaani, threaten him with the sword and tell him ‘You need to repent from this because if you don’t you repent you will be killed.’ And if he insists on being killed that means really, really believing in that. And then, after the procedures take their toll, and then at the end, by the authority of the ruling body, it’s done.

…this was a plot by the Jews of Medina. When Islam entered Medina, they would pretend to enter into Islam in the morning. So ten, twelve people would become Muslim in the morning, then at night they leave. The same night they leave Islam. Tomorrow a group becomes Muslim, then the same day they leave Islam, towards the end of the day they leave Islam…so they tried to do that to deter people from becoming Muslim. It was a technique. Then…‘baddala deenahu, faqtuhulu,’ the one who changes his religion, kill him. How many people do you think pretended to be Muslim the next day? Zero. Nobody wanted [to] because there’s killing involved.”


“…because the truth is that’s what homosexuality is, it’s a desire, and a desire is never a lifestyle…So we’re going to look at the truth, what is really, what’s behind those people with the loose limbs and the ligaments and stuff. What’s their issue?

So the truth is it’s just a desire. It’s not a lifestyle, it’s not a right.”


“So what Islam did, it killed three of the four ways through which you can become a slave and left one way. The only way to become a slave after Islam was through warfare, meaning you are captured in battle. But OK here’s a question: if Islam wants to get rid of slavery, why keep it through warfare? Why not just totally eliminate it? The answer is that it’s tit for tat basically. It doesn’t make sense that if the Muslims are captured, they’re enslaved but if the pagans are captured they just let them go and they come back and fight another day. So to deter them as a deterrent aswell, if your people are captured by the Muslims they will be kept in slavery just like you do to our captives. And that actually was a deterrent. Many times people would not want to attack the Muslims because if we’re captured, we’ll be enslaved, our women will be enslaved and so on and so forth. So this is the wisdom behind why this was kept.”


‘Crazy radical feminists’ – women who believe they should be able to do the same jobs as men.

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