Khalid Fikry

Khalid Fikry



“Every Muslim wish to be under the umbrella of Khilafah, sharia, means the Islamic law as a whole. And the Islamic law starts by justice, fair, and freedom, and equality and many, many things, comes the hudud, and the rule something comes within the great umbrella of Islam. So the meaning of we want to implement sharia is we want the justice from Allah (SWT), we want the freedom inshallah Allah gave us, we want equality and these are big, big issues to be implemented between you and me. And with it will come the hudud – how to deal with a thief, or to deal with a zani [adulterer], to deal with a murtad [apostate] and so on.”


“There are groups who jump above the Islamic aspects as a whole to say our main goal is to bring the Khalifah to power or if the Khalifah is present everything will be solved. This is completely wrong. This is not the Islamic way at all. The khalifah means a Muslim man, very pious, religious, implementing sharia, not an old dithery ruler who can claim that I am a ruler and he is getting benefits here in England or if a soldier comes to take him to prison he will be locked in a prison, or a man who has no power at all. For the khalifah to be a khalifah means that he is a real Muslim, religious, pious man, he got the (Arabic) from the scholars of Islam and he has power, he can implement the sharia. Other than this he is not the khalifah at all and it is nonsense to talk about those people who claim they are khulafa, whatever they are.”

“We have to work for returning the sharia, the Islamic law, and we have to work hard to ask for a Muslim ruler…then we can ask about unity of the Muslimeen. Then we can ask for these good Muslim rulers, not allied to the West or to the East as today. There is no Muslim ruler in the whole Islamic world we can say that he can be the Muslim khalifah whom the Ummah from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, the Arabs, the Algerians…so be reasonable and when you talk you have to talk to somebody who knows.”

“How to get khalifah? Some of these groups they said…we go to the kuffar and we ask them come help us to bring the Muslim khalifah. And really this is very, very naive and very bad thoughts and there is nothing like this. And they said Rasool Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) did the same when he asked the kuffar to help and support him. Big, big difference. Khalifah means Muslimeen, people who want to implement sharia, means you are going for jihad, you are facing the kuffar.”






























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