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The Ruling on Covering the Face

“The correct understanding regarding hijaab is that the covering of the face is obligatory as we shall insha-Allaah see from the following evidences.

Logic dictates that because the face is the most important part of a woman’s beauty, it must be covered.

If a Muslim woman’s husband asks her to cover her face because this is an order from Allaah Subhanahu-wa-Ta’alaa, she does not have the right to refuse this and if she does, then she violates two rights; the right of Allaah and right of her husband.”

Muslim women who do not cover their face are usually either ignorant of the ruling or lack in the strength of their faith.”


Is music permissible in Islaam?

“Neither music nor musical instruments are allowed for the Muslims, for a number of reasons.

What is even worse nowadays is to teach music at schools, and justify this by saying that the prohibition regarding music is not applicable to children.

Since when did Islamic shari’ah provide evidence that music is something that should be taught and children should be trained in this?

Teaching children music and singing at school is a serious educational issue, because of the immense effect this has on children’s development and character.

Music and singing destroys the heart and distracts people from the truth; it generates hypocrisy in the heart and is not permissible.


“associate with people who are pious, people who are free of these evil actions… [and] make repentance to Allah, dissociate from every evil thing that will remind you of the evil action”


Can a Sunni marry a Shi’ah?

“There are two ways of doing anything in this life;

a. one follows the guidance of Islaam which is sent from Allaah.
b. one follows his own desires and does what he feels is better for his heart.

If we have to take the first option, then a Sunni Muslim, whether a man or a woman, should not marry a Shi’ah.

The differences between Ahl al-Sunnah (Sunnis) and the Shi’ah are too big, and are related to the fundamental aspects of Islaam. It is not correct to say that we are all Muslims and division should not occur, because we are Muslim by our beliefs. If belief becomes corrupt to the extent of denying the validity of Qur’aan and attributes of Allaah, then this is disbelief.

Although the Shi’ah call themselves Muslims, many of them in fact leave the fold of Islaam by:

1. Their beliefs, such as believing that some part of the Qur’aan has been removed by some people, or that prophethood was meant for someone other than the Messenger of Allaah and by mistake it ended up on him, or that the Imams are more knowledgeable than the prophets. Exaggeration about their imaams is made and they are worshipped, being given precedence over the Prophets and angels. They also believe in hypocrisy (as a tenet of faith) and call it taqiyyah (dissimulation), so that when there is a need of taking some benefit, they can hide their actual belief. They also believe in al-badaa’ (the notion that Allaah “changes His mind”), al-raj’ah (the Return, i.e., the raising of the dead to life again for some time in the same form as they were before) and the absolute infallibility of their imams.

2. Their actions, such as making additions in the Shahaadatayn or praying in a manner not prescribed in Islaam. They prostrate on a handful of clay or leaf from Karbala. They go on pilgrimages to mashhads (shrines) and graves, where they do all kinds of actions of shirk, associating others in worship with Allaah. They condemn most of the Sahaabah (may Allaah be pleased with them), use abusive language for them and consider them disbelievers.

There are too many other beliefs and actions to mention here. The Shi’ah include a wide spectrum of people, the mildest of whom are innovators and the worst who have no limits.

A Muslim must seek a pious spouse, because a pious spouse will help him/her to achieve paradise, while a deviant one may drag him/her into the hellfire.”

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