Moutasem Al-Hameedi

Moutasem Al-Hameedi



“…the non-Muslims, their celebrations are based upon false beliefs. They are based upon falsehood. They are based upon insults towards their creator, that he had a son or that he himself incarnated as a man and was humiliated and was killed, or their celebrations are related to pagan beliefs and ideas. And what do their celebrations contain? They contain evil. They contain filth. Drinking alcohol, fornication, music, worshiping the devil, these are their celebrations. What is the attitude of the Muslims? What is the attitude of the Muslim who respects himself…takes part in the celebrations of the kuffar? Many Muslims, out of formality, out of being gentle, that so-called type of gentleness, they go to the kuffar to congratulate them on their Eids, maybe to take part in their rituals, maybe to help them celebrate their evil festivals.”

“What about the Muslims?…see how many Muslim shops have a Christmas tree and these Christmas lights. So shameful! So shameful. Muslims are celebrating Christmas.”

Any form of celebration of the eids of the kuffar indicates love and alliance to them…be aware and keep away from the actions of the kuffar, the way they speak, the way they conduct themselves. Be aware of that and keep away from it and never enter upon them in their churches. What about the Muslims who go to their houses, who go to their churches now to congratulate them on their Christmas? To say to them Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas. They think they’re gentlemen. They’re stupid…the covenant and the agreement between Umar al-Khattab and the Christians who were in Jerusalem, in Al Quds, one of the main points in that agreement was that the Christians should never celebrate their festivals in public. They should never show them to the people. That is Islam. Why? Because their festivals are based upon falsehood, upon insult to our creator, upon kufr and disgusting belief. How could they celebrate it openly?”

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