Muhammad Alshareef


“The Prophet (SAW), he said ‘Who are the (Arabic)?’ He said ‘Who are those that evoked Allah’s anger?’, that made Allah angry at them. And the Prophet (SAW) said (Arabic) ‘They are the Jews.’ And in fact, in some Muslim countries they wanted to take out the verses because they wanted to have good relationships with Israel and with the Jews. They said ‘Lets not teach in our curriculum the verses that deal with and speak about the Jews.’ And SubhanAllah the Ulema said ‘What are they going to do with (Arabic)? Are they gonna take out Surat from the curriculum?’ They cannot take it out. When I was at high school and we were studying in journalism class, the teacher had put up a poster on the board that said, and it had a picture of a computer and a pen, and it said ‘Freedom of the press’, we always hear about we have the freedom to speak and freedom of the press, it said ‘Freedom of the press belongs to those people that own the press.’ True, the Washington Post has the freedom to say what it wants but it’s the writer and the owners of the Washington Post that can say what they want. It’s not anybody that can say it, it’s the person that owns that newspaper. And you’ll see from Spielberg to any…just go through the credits of any movie, that we say that ‘It’s OK if our children can watch these or not’ and people letting their Muslim children day after day, to pacify them they put them in front of a kafir, they put them in front of a Jew, in front of a Christian on the television set and it’s only one way instructions. And their entire life, every day two or three hours, every single day they are listening to a Jew or a Christian instruct them in their aqeedah. And indeed it is aqeedah because they tell them what Allah (SWT) has made haram, show after show tells that Muslim child that it’s OK and it isn’t really haram – it’s OK to do this. And the parents, if this was a human being the parent would have kicked them out a long time ago but because it’s a television set they think it is permissible. And so because the Muslim youth are growing up on the aqeedah, and the most beloved people to them are becoming actors and actresses, Jewish actresses, Christian actresses, that when they hear a speech about how Allah (SWT) condemned the Jews, they say ‘What’s wrong with Seinfeld?” Every Wednesday at 8pm, prime time television, they’re watching Seinfeld and he’s funny, “Are you telling me Seinfeld is going to Hellfire?” And that’s what is in their minds because they have laughed and spent joyous moments with these sitcoms that now they can’t understand what Allah (SWT) is telling them in the Quran. But I tell you dear brothers, this Khutbah is our press. This khutba is our media.”

The horror story begins when the child is entrusted to a non-Muslim – to someone who knows nothing about our obligation to Allah and His Messenger sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam, someone who our Muslim children are so eager to please.”

“Television sets and public schools are spreading a subtle devastating poison through the bloodstream of our youth. Take a random class of Muslim high school students from public school and reflect on their habits and their knowledge of Islam. If a parent has chosen public school for his son, in the final year when he looks over the school yearbook and sees a picture of his son standing hand in hand dancing with a kafir woman, at that time it will be too late to question his upbringing. Now is the time to question it, now, before it’s too late.”

“Islam is filled with many mu’minahs who completed their taqwa of Allah. When the other girls put up posters of kafir singers, athletes and actresses, you should put up posters in your heart of Fatimah and many other mu’minahs.”

“Dear sister, after all this, ask a non-Muslim what it is that he wants from you. Does he want you to be liberated? Liberated from what? From Allah and his Messenger? From the Qur’an and the Sunnah? From Jannah? From this deen that Allah chose for you?”

“And what is he going to give you in return? Happiness? By Allah, he does not own any happiness to give. Is he going to give you love and protection from punishment in the grave and from the gatekeepers of Hellfire and from death? Why is it that they want to liberate young beautiful women? Why don’t they liberate the seniors? Why don’t they liberate the indigenous? Why don’t they liberate the inmates? Why is their target audience a young, skinny and tall woman (their definition of beauty) between the ages of 13 – 28? And why is their first call for you to take off your hijab?”

Fifthly, those that make fun of others may do so out of love for the kuffar and a love to imitate them. How many times do we see the comedians mocking people and everyone laughing? Indeed, mocking others and insulting them is a characteristic of jaahiliyyah and kufr, and it is never a characteristic of a believer.”

“Allah ta’ala shows us in Surah Al-Mutaffifeen how this characteristic of laughing at others is a characteristic of the kuffar: Indeed, those who committed crimes used to laugh at those who believed (Al-Mutaffifin 83/29).”


Why the Jews were cursed

“When I was in high school, studying in journalism class, our teacher had placed on the wall a statement that I spent many days contemplating. It simply said, “Freedom of the press (speech) belongs to those that own the press!”  Who owns the press?  Well, you can believe me when I say that it is not the god fearing beloved of Allâh.

It is this same press that molds and programs the aqeedah of a huge section of our Ummah. Many of our brothers and sisters are illiterate to the words of Allâh and the guidance of Rasul Allâh – sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, so it is with little doubt that their ideas are subconsciously molded by what Seinfeld tells them at 8 pm every Wednesday evening.”

“In conclusion, a fundamental part of our Deen is Al-Wala’ and Al-Bara’ (wala’ – love and loyalty / Bara’ hatred and disownment).  It would be profitable for us to reflect on the implementation of our Wala’ and Bara’ in regards to the Jews:

Firstly:  We should not take them as our close allies.

Secondly: We should not Imitate them

Thirdly: A Muslimah may never marry a Jewish or Christian man that remains in his beliefs.”


“In reality what they did is they flipped things around. They took words and they took concepts that are good and they used their media and they used the public opinion to change the words around so the good in their words became  bad. And they’re very good at flipping. We’ll talk about the ‘flipping’ later.

Interestingly if people hear about a lecture like this at the masjid they would say homophobic correct? They’re like “oh my God, they’re a bunch of homophobic people”. And I thought to myself, that’s an amazing word to be called. Alhamdulillah [praise to God] that you’re homophobic. Now notice the propaganda and the indoctrination that you’ve been – when I just said, alhamdulillah I’m homophobic, you’re thinking to yourself “How do you say alhamdulillah? That’s something bad.” These are words that they flipped in our minds. Homophobia means a fear of homosexuality. Alhamdulillah we have a fear of homosexuality. And then they will say it as if it is a derogatory term, but in fact it is a praiseworthy term.

Whenever there is a gay rally – isn’t it interesting that they call them gay, they’re happy people, right? – there are a type of people who go to these rallies and stand up for the truth. They have signs that tell them to stop what they’re doing or they will go to hellfire. Do you think they are Muslims? No, they are not Muslims, they are Christians. They are Christians who stand up for this. … I pray to Allah that you will join the ranks and start to stand up and speak against things like this.”


“Of the people that Shaytan works on the hardest to commit the major sins, are the scholars. If he can get a scholar, someone in the public eye, to commit a major sin then many people will follow that sin after that. And I’ll give you this example, even though he’s not a scholar…it’s Jimmy Swaggart. Jimmy Swaggart was a priest, an evangelical, something like that, and he was going around and he committed zina. Actually, he committed adultery. And in Islamic law he should be stoned to death. And then he went on TV and he said ‘Oh God I’ve sinned’ and then he started crying and then he did it again.”

“One of them is a married person committing zina and the other is an unmarried person committing zina. So a married person committing zina is actually much, much more serious in Islam. They’re both serious and they’re both major sins but it is much more serious. And that is the punishment for somebody who is married and commits zina is stoning. If somebody commits zina, or fornication, and isn’t married then the punishment for that would be eighty lashes.”

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    January 8, 2013

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