Muhammad Musa Al Shareef

“The issue of women’s rights in the light of Islamic Law is not considered controversial. There is no room for argument in this regard; women’s rights and duties have ben specified in Islamic Law. Such matters are definite in Islam; we do not need others to teach us about women’s rights.

Nowadays, many people call for women’s rights, completely ignoring the obligations that women should fulfill.

They pay no heed to this issue. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that I mentioned last time has been praised and considered the best model to follow, but in fact, this is totally untrue. Indeed, this declaration mentioned part of the human rights; it is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet what about women’s duties? It disregards women’s duties. This declaration did not mention the duties women and men should fulfil. It focused only on human rights as if humans are creatures who have rights and have no duties. This declaration did not mention the duties women and men should fulfil.

In the West, there are strange societies that call for enmity towards men, creating an atmosphere of enmity between both. In the West, women fight and compete with men to get their rights, so, many men there have become enemies of women and vice versa. That does not please God…But women and men in the West seem to be enemies, especially after the concept of feminism had emerged. It had lately appeared in Europe; about 10 years ago or more. Many people have adopted feminism there, but what does feminism mean? It is a strange movement that calls for women’s complete independence from men, and instills in women enmity towards men so women would force men to give them their rights back.

A Muslim mother’s death is a calamity that befalls all her family’s members. Is this the case in the West? Never.

What about the status of girls in the West? When a girl grows up there, her father may tell her to be totally independent and get herself a job because he is not obliged to provide for her…..we care for our daughters until death, which is not the case in the West.

Speaking of women’s rights in the West, they are excused to demand such rights. for women there have been totally oppressed,  but women in Islam are not oppressed.

What about women and rulership? Nowadays some women in the West manage their people’s affairs, being a president or a judge. But why? This is an important question. Because through holding such occupying positions, women in the West can get whatever rights they want by force.In the West, women seek to be members in the parliament so they can pass laws that protect their rights. Also, they want to be judges to do other women justice. Some women covet for presidency to have the authority to defend women. Muslim women do not need that; the reason for that is clear and simple as women’s rights are preserved in Islam and if they are wronged, it is not because of the Islamic Law, but because of not implementing it properly. So, Muslim women do not need to hold such posts, for Islam has already outlined their rights and duties. This is an important point. Some Muslim women reiterate some Western slogans like parrots wondering why women cannot be judges or presidents, ignoring these facts I have mentioned. Those so-called emancipated women have no moral constraints and are illogical. They demand rights that do not exist in Islamic Law. There are some Muslim women who do strange things; such women appear on satellite channels saying weird and insolent words that are completely hollow. They want to hold senior governmental posts, claiming they are oppressed. They even try to find unreliable proofs in early Muslims’ biographies just to find excuses to demand for their so-called rights. What rights are they demanding? Women have been created for certain duties suitable for them and women are qualified to fulfil them by nature. So women should not seek what does not befit them; some women seek to be free from all moral or religious constraints.

Some argue about Muhammad’s describing women as: “deficient in sense and religion.” They make a big fuss about this Saying, but he (PBUH) clarified this Saying. He said women could not fulfill all their religious duties as they would not pray or fast during their menstrual periods. By deficient in sense, Muhammad meant the testimony of a man equaled that of 2 women. There is nothing wrong with that, for most women tend to forget and are overwhelmed by emotions.

For example, if a woman had had the right to divorce a man in Islam, she would have got a divorce in the first 3 or 4 nights after marriage, right? She would have divorced her husband once angry with him.”

The Day Is Coming When Islam Will Rule the World Again


“These events are paving the way for a greater thing to come. They are paving the way for a great Islam that is coming with force, because the world is in need of leadership. The current leadership – Communism, capitalism, and so on – has gone bankrupt. Only Islam is left to lead the world. The Prophet Muhammad foretold this clearly in several hadiths. Islamic leadership is coming whether people like it or not. Therefore, we must become soldiers of this emerging leadership. 

When after the 16th century, the Islamic nation was removed from power – having been struck by all those tragedies – and others took over the leadership of mankind, we witnessed the worst possible results: oppression, global tyranny, arrogance, and despotism. The only thing that the sheiks, preachers, and scholars are demanding is that Islam rule the world once again.”

Saudi Cleric Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif Defends the Marrying Off of Under-Age Girls in Saudi Arabia

Translation unconfirmed.

Interviewer: One is astonished to hear, in a social gathering, an old man bragging about marrying a young girl, and boasting that his bride was given to him as a gift from her father, or that a business deal was struck at the expense of this poor girl, by parents who did not care about her childhood innocence or her humanity, or by parents whose poverty forced them to pay the old man with their daughter.

In today’s, show, I will ask my guest, Dr. Al-Sharif, whether it is the right of the parents, or of society, to allow a girl to be married off at the age of 10 or 12 years. The law in the civilized world considers these marriages to be a crime. How are they viewed by our religious law?

Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: This issue has been blown entirely out of proportion, and there is confusion about its basics. We say that such a girl is a “minor,” but dictionaries do not define a girl as a minor, if she has reached puberty. ‘Aisha said that when a girl reaches the age of nine, she becomes a woman. Let’s be practical. Let’s put all of this aside.

What is the percentage of these marriages in Saudi Arabia? In Saudi Arabia, we have 20 million people. Half of them are women – that’s 10 million. According to the most extreme statistics I have read, 3,000 girls under the age of 13 were married off to men more than 20 years their senior. That’s 3,000 out of 10 million, more or less.

What does this figure mean?

Interviewer: But don’t you think that 3,000 is…

Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: Allow me… Does 3,000 out of 10 million constitute a social phenomenon?

Interviewer: But even these 3,000 girls have rights.

Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: Undoubtedly.

Interviewer: We should consider the humane aspect, even if there were only three girls.

Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: In many newspapers, it has been suggested that the minimum age for marriage should be 18. Why 18? They said that Saudi Arabia is committed to something called the Human Rights Treaty, which set the minimum age for marriage at 18 years. This is, of course, unacceptable.

Interviewer: Why not?

Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: I read that the official spokesman for the US government said that the US is worried about the marriage of girls in Saudi Arabia. This is really funny. The rate of child prostitution in American and Western societies is enormous. This is a well-known fact.

Second, all the children whose death was caused by the US in Palestine and Iraq… These people are not ashamed to say that they are worried about Saudi Arabia, even though they caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in Palestine and in Iraq. This is really distorted logic.

Third, when Islamic law refers to a certain issue – we don’t need human rights.

Let’s assume that there is a 13-year-old girl… Let’s make it 14. Her father sees that she is physically developed, has reached puberty, and has a sense of understanding – nothing in Islamic law prevents him from marrying her off.

Interviewer: Would you be willing to marry off your 10-year-old daughter to a man in his eighties?

Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif: No, brother, I would not, but there is a difference between Islamic law and its practice. I wouldn’t be pleased by this, but I do not forbid it.

Let’s assume that the government listens to these people, God forbid, and sets the minimum age for marriage at 18. There are many good girls who, at the age of 13 or 14, are developed and ready for marriage. There are hundreds of thousands of girls like that in our society. They will not be married off. They will have to wait 3 or 4 years to become 18. This constitutes an injustice to such a large sector of society – compared to the several dozens or hundreds of girls who would be wronged, because of the greed of their fathers.

We are committed to international treaties as long as they do not violate Islamic law. If they violate Islamic law, we should throw them out, because they are not worth the ink they were written with. With all due respect, the international treaties are worthless.

Who is responsible for the human rights and international treaties? The atheists, the Christians, and the fornicators, with all due respect.”

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  2. Pour d.Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif:
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