Muhammad Salah

Muhammad Salah


“So it is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry to a non-Muslim under any circumstances. If she does not know, then when she knows she fixes it, that’s acceptable. As once we had a phone call from Russia, one sister said “I never knew that” and she contacted me…” but if she knows and she insists on doing that then she is involved in an act of adultery in addition to disbelief. If the parents know and agree and have no problem, they share with her the same responsibility. As far as the sister, I would ask you to boycott her. It’s straightforward, you cannot compromise in cases like that. You have to show that you are upset with her because she’s disobeying Allah (SWT)”


“In Islam, as you know that, Islam worked hard in its legislation to eliminate slavery from the society, OK? And whatever we are experiencing today is a result of that by the way. But whenever slavery was common, if a person in Islam, this is Islamic shariah, if a person has a slave woman, and he embraced her sexually and she conceived, then this woman now is named ?  – a mother of his child. He cannot sell her anymore. She is not a slave to be sold anymore. Why? Because there is a tie which is the child which she bore from her womb from him. So now, she is treated as a slave because she was a slave, while her child is a free girl and a free man. Of course, once again I’m interrupting my explanation to say: that was in the past and guess what? That will be very common before the appearance of the Day of Judgement because this is a sign prophecised by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Why will this be very common? Because basically there will be major conflict before the Day of Judgement, major war between the believers and the non-believers, and obviously there will be prisoners of war, slaves and this whole scenario will be repeated again.”


“…parents are not allowed to look at the awra of their children. At what age? This is a very important question. Because, until the age of four the kids do not really have the awra to the parents, you know? They change them, they change their diapers, they give them a bath, you know, and so on. At the age of four the awra becomes (Arabic)…which is a very, very strict area that even parents now should avoid looking at, which is the private parts and the behind, the bottom. OK? Sometimes kids at the age of six and seven they start to grow maturer and they understand, and a girl will look pretty and she will be desired. In this case she will be treated as a girl who reached the puberty age, so that you’re not supposed to look at any of her body parts. If she has developed a chest and so on, now, you should avoid that even though she’s your daughter…”



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