Syed Munawar Hassan

The Jamat-e-Islami, and rape

Interviewer: Why did you vehemently oppose the women protection act?
Munawar Hasan: Women protection act was not aimed at protecting women instead it is meant to promote vulgarity and obscenity in the society.
Interviewer: What is the basis of your allegations?
Munawar Hasan: On the basis of which we opposed the act.
Interviewer: The fundamental purpose of the women protection act was (is) to provide women with the right to file cases on the basis of circumstantial and forensic evidence, making convictions of rape easier. Where is the obscenity in that?
Munawar Hasan: This bill has been part of law for years, how has that affected the rights of women in Pakistan? What is the one issue that can be pointed out as a success of this law?
Interviewer: One blaringly obvious problem with the Hudood law was the need to present four witnesses in order to convict a rapist, failure to do so resulted in the arrest of the woman on charges of confession to adultery, that was the main issue.
Munawar Hasan: What is the problem in that?
Interviewer: The problem is this sir, that according to the 2003 national commission status of women report 80 per cent women were forced to languish in jails because of inability to produce witnesses of their rape.
Munawar Hasan: The objective of Islam is to discourage such acts, no one can be shameless enough to commit such an act in the presence of four people. Making it impossible to prove such acts, therefore the whole idea is to discourage bringing such acts into public light. Discouraging it to the extent that the act is never quoted. If such a crime occurs and since there are no witnesses than both men and women are suppose to keep it under wraps and not discuss it in public.
Interviewer: Sir, are you suggesting that a woman should stay silent after she is raped? That she should not report the crime?
Munawar Hasan: I am saying she should keep quiet if she has no witnesses. If she has witnesses then she should present them.
Interviewer: What kind of an argument is that? A woman is raped and she has to look for witnesses to prove the crime?
Munawar Hasan: Argue with the Quran and not me.
Interviewer: I am not questioning the Quran, I am questioning your argument.

JI asks Muslim rulers to stand by Muslim world against blasphemy – The Nation

Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hassan has stressed upon the Muslim rulers to stop the advocacy of the US and the west, and instead present themselves as representatives of Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque here, he said that if President Zardari and the federal cabinet had come on roads in protest against the blasphemous film, the people would not have gone out of control. Syed Munawar Hasan said that the west had already been defeated by Islam in the fields of academics and culture and was left with no argument. Therefore, it was trying to thrust its satanic civilization on the world by force and all those who challenged it were being attacked on frivolous charges. He said, the indifference of the Muslim rulers in the present situation was most shameful. Slating the west ‘s inaction against the blasphemers on the plea of  freedom of expression, the JI Ameer said the west had double standards. He said that if any one dared to question the validity of holocaust, he was handed down death sentence of life term but the blasphemy of the Prophet of Islam was permitted on the ground of freedom of expression. He demanded of the government to summon the US envoy and press for  the arrest of pastor Terry Jones and the Zionist film maker and a deterrent action against them. In case the US did not oblige, the US envoy be expelled from the country.

Syed Munawar Hasan also condemned the so called intellectuals appearing in different TV channels terming those protesting against blasphemy of the Holy Prophet as extremists and enemies of peace. These pseudo intellectuals were in fact conspiring against the country’s Islamic culture and promoting obscenity and immorality, he added.


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  1. Lala Khan

    November 6, 2013

    The guy who leads JI is also suffering from some mental health. May ALlah help you, him and all of us.

  2. Galib Ramathan

    January 8, 2013

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