Sara Khan Meets the Muslim Women #MakingAStand Against Extremism in Wandsworth

November 13, 2014


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Yasir Qadhi condones (Islamic) state-sanctioned intolerance and violence

October 6, 2014


In the video below, Qadhi discusses the act of destroying the idols of other religions, specifically those religions outside of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. He bemoans Islamic groups which take part in such acts of destruction – not because such actions are un-Islamic but because these acts should only be carried out with the authority of a legitimate Islamic state. He explains […]

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Abdurraheem Green rejects Universal Declaration of Human Rights

June 1, 2014


“They have written in their charter of Human Rights, their charter of kufr, their charter of calling people to rebel against Allah. In this charter it says that one of the rights of the human being is to choose their religion, one of the rights of the human being is that if they change their […]

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Abdurraheem Green – Rape & social responsibility

May 27, 2014

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“The hijab is not to oppress the woman. Actually Allah (SWT) mentioned the wisdom behind the hijab. Not everything Allah mentioned the wisdom behind why we should do it but Allah mentioned the wisdom behind the hijab. And Allah said to the believing women to put this garment over themselves, the khimar over themselves, to […]

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‘Diversity: The Gift of Islam’: Joint Conference to be held by the Muslim Institute and Imaan

April 21, 2014


This looks fantastic. Can’t wait! (Ninja Poppet) Saturday, 10 May to Sunday, 11 May 2014 10:00am to 4:00pm We are pleased to announce an upcoming conference jointly organised by the Muslim Institute and Imaan. The conference will take place in London on 10th and 11th May 2014 at the Muslim Institute office. The aim is to explore the Islamic ethos of respect […]

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Domestic violence: Haitham al-Haddad (MRDF) v Usama Hasan (Quilliam)

March 31, 2014

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Haitham al-Haddad Woman: “It’s also, a sura where he can, the word I don’t remember but he can slap his wife or hit her or…” Al-Haddad: “Yeah, smack.” . Woman: “Smack, yeah. And with me as a woman if that happened to me in my marriage, and I want a divorce, could I get that?” […]

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Haitham al-Haddad – A man’s right to sexual relations during divorce/Involving the police in domestic violence matters

March 4, 2014


03:00 “Please sisters, listen to this. Sometimes a sister doesn’t want to live with her husband, for any reason. So, we say you have to apply for a divorce. You have to apply for a, you call it a divorce but the correct Islamic ruling for it is marriage dissolution and in a short while we […]

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