Said Rageah


“You will see a lot of them going to the kuffar, taking them as supporters and helpers and friends and allies…(Arabic) If they were true believers in Allah and the messenger (Arabic) they would never take them as allies.”

“My in-laws also are non-Muslim and they’re very good people, they respect Islam, I respect them and they love my children, they really do. But because they’re not Muslims sometimes they do certain things that will leave some effect on that child. Last year we made Hajj so I left my two little ones with my in-laws, this is a time of Christmas…”

“What really hit me is, as soon as I walked into the house, my son he ran to me and he grabbed my hand and he said ‘Daddy come, come, come.’ So he took me to a Christmas tree and he says ‘See, Daddy? It’s not all that bad.’ Because I told him, you know, Muslims we don’t celebrate Christmas…”

“…just being in that environment was definitely not good for the children. So if you have non-Muslim family it is good to go and visit them for a very short time, but to leave a child, especially at that age, that young age, I would not recommend it.”


Member of audience:

“The punishment of a murtad is death in Islam. Is this not against the freedom of speech?”


“…Islam tells you, before you become a Muslim, these are the rules, these are a system. If you’re in, you’re in for life. You can not take back…Islam tells you, you wanna stay non-Muslim? You stay non-Muslim. The day that you become Muslim, then be careful, you can not go back, it is your choice…”

Member of audience:

“So, for those born into…a Muslim family, they have no choice in the matter?”


“…lets say they decide they don’t wanna be a Muslim anymore, they don’t wanna live in the Islamic environment, then they can leave, but they can not live with a Muslim country, society like that. In that they have no choice, yes”



“Muslims do not tolerate anyone to insult Muhammad, Isa or Jesus, Moses, any of the prophets of God. If you’re in a Muslim country and you insult Muhammad or Jesus, you will receive the same punishment because both of them are the messengers of God.”

“Y’know, in Christianity they make fun of Jesus, right?…and it’s fun for them and they laugh and this is just for fun. If a Christian does that in Saudi or a Muslim country he will get in trouble…”

Member of audience:

“When they’ve fallen in trouble what is the penalty?”


“…it could also, y’know, be to the point as far as killing that person if he doesn’t repent what he’s saying…”


“Homosexuals, they fighting [for] their rights day and night, and then it became legal and you can not do anything about it.”


“The jilbab that we have in the Quran is a dignified, respected outfit…I saw the sisters wearing the true jilbab, from head to toe…”

“But…we see sisters wearing extremely tight jeans. I wanna know why tight jeans?…They don’t understand how nasty they look.”

“But our sisters they wanna wear something tight, not all of them, but the younger ones. They have to understand this is not hijab. This is what I call ‘sin-jab,’ y’know sin, evil? It brings evil because really you’re disrespecting the actual hijab when you do this.”

“The other thing that our sisters need to understand, if she wants to free herself from what we call the ‘Western mental slavery’, because it’s a mental slavery. Before, they used to come to our countries and they used to enslave us, they used to colonise us. But now we brought our children, and we brought ourselves, and we said to them these are our children, go and enslave them. And they mentally enslave. And I hear…one of the ulema, he said ‘When they were in our country we were waiting for the opportunity to fight back but now here we are giving ourselves willingly so we can be their slaves.’ So mentally they enslave us. And what the sisters need to do free herself from this, that she must respect what Allah has designed for her and decreed for her, nothing else.

“The other thing that we need from the sisters, in terms of freedom, your freedom is not based on the understanding of the Western society, is not based on the understanding of non-Muslims, is not based on the understanding of so-called liberal Muslims, it should be understood based on the Quran and Sunnah, and Islam is telling women (Arabic) – stay home as much as you can, don’t go outside unnecessarily.”

“Islam and Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) is telling us in the Quran: stay home because otherwise you’re gonna cause fitnah to a lot of people…Allah created women for beauty…so women are like this they must understand. They should stay at home and not come out of the house unless it’s a necessity, otherwise Shaytan will take advantage of that and leave the people being tested and tried.”

“Brothers, according to the sharia, men are the maintainers and protectors of women, and women please give us the opportunity to protect you…and men, once again, if you know your sister, your wife, your daughter, she is either working with the non-mahram male, or she is talking to men thanks to Facebook, and y’know Twitter and she is text messaging, and you don’t do anything about it? You’re never gonna smell Jannah.”

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