Salim al-Amry


We have answers for the social problems. They have a problem. Give them the solution they don’t have. Most of their men are homosexuals, gays. So who will marry their women? What solution do they have?

And that we receive lame excuses from the Muslims because they are so content and complacent by living among the kuffar when they are losing their children… If you just smack your little boy, your little child, and he raises the phone, that child is gone forever…and we find people they are trying to justify their stay among the kuffar.  Make it one, the first priority on your agenda to make the hijrah. Brothers I will not compromise and I will not, I mean, hide the truth. The prophet () made it very clear, he said ‘I wash my hands of every Muslim who lives among the mushriks.’ And he said ‘Anyone who revert to Islam, Allah will not accept from him any deed until he leaves the mushrik and joins the Muslims.’ Muhammad () said this. So now it’s up to you to think about it. Put a plan, I will move after one year, two years, three years, five years, but it’s there, that I’m not going to stay forever.

Spinsterhood and bachelorhood, Islam solves that problem. OK, we have a surplus of women, Islam solves that problem by the polygamy, marrying more than one wife. That’s the solution of this…half a husband is better than none, a quarter of a husband also better than none, third of a husband is better than nothing. If you have a quarter of a husband, that means a husband who is married to four wives, and he will come to you on the fourth night, say hamdulillah, providing that this husband will look after the four wives and will sustain them financially. Not that as I heard many brothers they tell their wives it is sunnah to have more than one wife, and he’s not working, he’s begging the kuffar and he wants to do this sunnah. OK? So first of all prove to us that you are a man OK? That you will sweat for your bread, that you will not beg the kuffar, then it is halal for you.

…the kuffar they envy us. Yes, Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) said so. And they are trying by all means to bring us out from the light into the darkness.

Who knows Allah? Who worships Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala on this globe, on the earth?  The Muslims.  That’s why all the kuffārs are uniting themselves against us.  All of them.  Their common goal is the Islam.

The second one which is should be, should exist, which is khilaf wājib, obligatory difference or disagreement, and that is to disagree with the kuffar and to be different from the kuffar.  To be different from the kuffar and to be unique.  So that type of difference is obligatory.  The Muslim is different from the kuffar.  He differs in everything, every Muslim in his salat says, what? (Arabic)  ‘guide us to the straight path.’ ‘Guide us’ means what? We don’t know the straight path? We know it. But ‘guide us’ are two types. ‘Guide us’ of direction and ‘guide us’ of support and help. So we are asking Allah to support us and to keep us on that track and not to go here or there. That’s the meaning of (Arabic).

(Arabic) ‘The way of those with who you are pleased with’…(Arabic) ‘not those who brought upon themselves your wrath and anger,  the Jews, as the Prophet said, (Arabic) ‘nor those who went astray,’ the Christians.  Every Muslim says this in his prayer. Said,“Please Allah, save me from the way of the Jews and the way of the Christians.  But when he says as-salamu ‘alaykum.  as-salamu ‘alaykum wa raḥmatullah, he follows the way of the Jews and the Christians.  See the duality?  There is duality.  In his salat he is asking Allah something and out of the salat he is saying something else.  That there is duality, two personalities in one.

The hijab must not resemble the garments of the kuffar. Your hijab should not look or resemble the hijab of the kaffirite or the dress of the kafir…if you imitate one of the kuffar you will be one of them.



“Islam is going to supercede, Islam is going to spread all over and we’re going to have Rome. Rome, we are going to have it. This, we have no doubt. Our Prophet (SAW) told us about that, OK? The only thing that we have to be, become true Muslims and die upon Islam, that’s it. Don’t worry about Islam. Islam will supercede and spread, but worry about yourself, whether you will die upon Islam or upon the kufr. That’s the most important thing. So, here (?) is saying that Islam will spread. Andwe know, of course the slavery is not there in Islam. It was existing before Islam and Islam came and liberated the slaves. But still there is a chance to have slaves in the future, and that’s with disbelievers, OK? Their women, when they are caught, it’s up to the Khalifah, the Caliph, to decide whether to enslave them and distribute them among the soldiers, Muslim muhajids, or to set them free, or to execute them – and this is against the Geneva Convention, OK? We don’t care, this is the law of Allah. So this is a prophecy, that Islam will spread. Some of the scholars, they explained this hadith in the metaphoric sense. OK, let me finish. So, if, for instance, now you have a woman as a slave, and you can sleep with her besides the four wives, halal.”


Today we are living in a time where you cannot distinguish between a man and a woman.

See what they have done to the women, they brainwashed them and they told them ‘You have to be like men’. They said ‘Yes we can. We can compete with you men’. So they are boxers. Women today they are boxers do you know that? They are boxers. They are wrestlers. They are bodybuilders. Subhanallah. Last year I came here. In the airport waiting for my flight, Abu Dhabi airport, the Olympics, the tournament was going on and there was a television in the lounge. By accident I looked up and guess what? A woman was trying to lift a heavy weight. And what happened? The weight was too much for her. She went cock-eyed. You are not cut for this, so who’s forcing you? You are not meant for this.”

“By asking the women to do all these things actually we are unfair to them. We are unfair to the sisters and unfair to the women in general. Some women when you see them how they walk, like martial art, like er, field marshals, military commandos. That’s how they walk.”

But the problem is that the enemies are talking that women in Islam are oppressed, women in Islam are not getting their rights, women in Islam etc. as if they are advocates for the Muslim woman, they feel sad for them, they feel pity for them. When we know that what they are after is that to take this Muslim woman out of her deen. To take her out of Islam, to remove your hijab, and to remove your jilbab and to wear your mini and etc. That’s what they are after. This is the truth. This is what they have on their agendas. Wake up sisters. Spreading corruption because they know, they know very well that facing the Muslims physically they can not. What to do? Spoil them morally, spoil them morally. Spread their corruption. As one of them said (Islamic quote) ‘A glass of wine and a woman will do the work more than one thousand cannons’. This is what one of them said. So this is their plan. This is their agenda. This is what they want. They want the fahisha, the evil, the moral corruption to spread.


Homosexuality.  Homosexuality, the punishment for it, homosexuality in Islam, is capital punishment. Allah subahanahu wa ta’ala he destroyed the town of Sudum where the people of Lut  lived, because they were doing anal, they were involved in that shameful deed.

And now, in this Jahiliyyah civilisation it is something legal.  And now they are teaching homosexuality in schools.  So, don’t be surprised if your little son comes and says, ‘Daddy, I’m homo.’  Because that is the system you are living in.



“There is a misconception about jihad. They think jihad is to kill the people. Who said that? No, jihad, or the fight, is only a means you resort to it when all the attempts fail and there is a stumbling block in the way, so you remove that stumbling block. So it is the dawah that comes before everything.

We know Islam is the light and we want the light to reach everywhere. If you don’t want this light you are free to refuse it. No problem, we don’t force you to accept it but don’t stop us from taking it to others. Are you following? Don’t block the way, say ‘No I don’t want the light, and I don’t want the light to go to those behind you.’ You have no right to do that. You have no right, we have to remove you. Then, and only then, you use the force.


Purifying the Filth from the Hearts & Minds, Jealousy Hatred Envy Hate

“Music, this is now a problem. People are saying music is halal, right? Have you heard that? Oh yes. And they are advocating that. And if you ask this brother, who is saying music is halal, and you tell him ‘brother do you want that you die while singing?’ What will he say? Audhu billah. Doesn’t want to die singing.”

“So the music kills the heart. It kills the heart. And it is haram.”

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