Shakeel Begg

 Strength of the Believers

“So how strange it is that you can be a homosexual if you want to be, allowed – liberal, democratic country. You can be a lesbian, it’s OK – liberal, democratic country. People are free. You can marry a man if you want to marry a man. You can marry a woman if you want to marry a woman. You can change your sex from a man to a woman and a woman to a man. You can wear a mini skirt if you want to wear a mini skirt and expose whatever you want to expose. But, all of this in a liberal society is OK but a face cover, a simple face cover that a woman wants to choose to wear, she can not do so”.

“You see women with these extensive layers, repulsive, filthy, but you can interact and relate”.

“The scholars never discussed concerning the issue of niqab whether it was just allowed. Their difference was is it wajib (recommended) or mustahab (obligatory).

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