Taji Mustafa


“Look at homosexuality, same thing. Once it was illegal. Then it became legal. Then it became normalised. It’s now glorified. There’s discussion about same-sex marriage. What’s next? Assisted suicide? Incest? Drugs?”

“If you look to the rules of Islam collectively, again you can observe that it prohibits things which undermine the family structure. In an Islamic state, the harsh prohibition against fornication, adultery, the homosexual lifestyle, all work towards that end. That doesn’t mean that in an Islamic state the authorities go round looking for people who’ve committed these crimes. It’s not a police state. Islam’s clear prohibition of fornication, adultery, homosexuality acts as a clear deterrent against people publicly violating the laws of Allah (SWT).”


“Yes, absolutely, Islamic punishments are harsh. They are taken out publicly and their hand is cut off. When people walking around see that, they see this public punishment, people think ‘I’m not gonna do that.’ That sends a message in society. It’s a huge deterrent. It’s stops the one who is not stopped by other measures, it stops them committing crimes.”

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