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Tayyibun Institute in Whitechapel, East London is the education wing of Tayyibun Foundation. It claims “Tayyibun Institute UK for the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah is the leading independent Islamic Institution in Britain”.

Haitham al-Haddad, Manners of Differing conference 2007

Haitham al-Haddad with Alomgir Ali, ‘Manners of Differing’ (1st Annual Conference, 2007)

Abu Muntasir al Balouchi at ‘Reviving the Sunnah Awakening the Ummah’ (2nd Annual Conference, 2008)

Under the title ‘Who is behind Tayyibun Institute?’ it states:

“The Tayyibun Institute consists of a small team of dedicated workers from project management, supervisors, students of Islamic knowledge, etc. This team functions with the guidance of many of the Ustadhs and Shuyukh named on the ‘Our Supporters’ section.”

The views of these supporters can be found on the links below:

Shaykh Haitham bin Jawwad al Haddad

Shaykh Suhaib Hassan

Shaykh Salim al-Amry

Ustadh Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan

Ustadh Dr Khalid Khan

Shaykh Sulaiman ibn Ibrahim Abdul Ghani

Imam Shakeel Begg

Ustadh Abu Talha

Tayyibun Male instructors:

Views of the instructors linked below:

 Muhammad Musa Al Shareef

Abdur Rahman Ibn Nasir Al Barrak

Bilal Philips

Shaykh Muhammed Hassan

Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid

Shaykh Sa’ad Ibn Nasr Ash-Shithree

Female instructors are not afforded an eye shot:

Murtaza Khan – Free-mixing lecture:

“Some Islamic individuals, some people, some individuals their perception unfortunately seems to be evil perception. (Islamic quote) Some people want to spread fawahish, illicit conduct and behaviour inside society amongst the believers.  And also we know what to expect from non-Muslims, we know what to expect from them. But a sad factor is that more and more way we are seeing this from amongst Muslims.”

Alomgir Ali – Niqaab & Hijaab lecture:

“…her hijab itself and her jilbab, her clothing itself it must not be scented. It must not be perfumed and scented…any woman who perfumes herself, so that when she goes past the people so that they can smell her, or smell her perfume…then she is a fornicator, she is an adulteress, she is a zanya”

Part 2:

“The first condition for the hijab is that it must cover the entire body which by necessity includes the face”

“If we say that a woman’s voice it tempts a man then naturally a woman’s face is more likely to tempt a man. A woman’s face is more likely to tempt a man than her voice. And I think that this is something that all people of sound intellect would agree upon…So if we say that it is prohibited for a woman to display the beauty of her voice then it is prohibited for her to display the beauty of her body including her face.”

“So (Islamic quote) indicating that a woman is best for her to stay in her, in her home because the home is a natural form of a hijab…the closest that a woman can be to the mercy of her lord…is when she is in the depths of her own home. So if you want to be closer to Allah…you have to stay in the depths of your home”.

Al Mu’minaat

“A project dedicated to sisters by sisters of Tayyibun Institute.”

“The status of the Muslim women in Islaam is one of honour and dignity. Her influence over the life of every Muslim is great and consequently significant to the whole of society.”

“Al Mu’minaat recognises the important role women play in establishing an upright society. It is our aim to produce female teachers and daai’yyahs who will be able to educate themselves, their own families and other sisters; thus the wider society at large – something vital yet lacking in our Ummah today.”

Al Mu’minaat’s launch in 2009, The Honourable Status of Women in Islaam, attracted over 600 women to the London Muslim Centre (according to the Tayyibun Institute). Entry to the event was free of charge and speakers on the day were East London Mosque Imam – Abdul Qayum, Khalid Khan and Salem Al Amry. Haitham al-Haddad was also scheduled to speak but a visit to Saudi Arabia prevented him from being there in person. A recording of Haddad’s talk was screened, making little difference to the quality of the lecture as all Al Mu’minaat seminars require male speakers to be “fully segregated from the female audience”. Males speakers are recorded live behind a partition and women may only watch lectures on screen. As expected, male superiority, the inequality of the sexes and Islam as a religion under attack featured heavily in this seminar.

The Role of Muslim Women in the West – Haitham al-Haddad

“The non-Muslims are attacking Muslims from different angles. The worst attack and the most severe attack and the most dangerous attack is the ideological attack. Many non-Muslims are attacking Muslims from the angle of the role of women in society.

The main role of any sister is different from the role of any brother or of the male. I’d like to stress on this point because so many sisters are confused, and because of the notion of equality between the two genders that the West is promoting many sisters are influenced by that and they think that any role that is given to men should be given to women.

We need sisters to articulate their ideas about the position of women in Islam. We need sisters to defend Islamic principles such as Hijab. We need sisters to even attack some of the non-Islamic ideas such as maybe freedom, liberalism, nudity and these things.”

Establishing Islaam in the Home – Abdul Qayum

“…the good family life it starts with (Arabic), man will be in charge, the amir at home….and she has the obligation of (Arabic), she should be obeying him and considering him as her amir.”

The Complete Hijaab – Salem Al Amry

“Today we are living in a time where you cannot distinguish between a man and a woman”.

“See what they have done to the women, they brainwashed them and they told them ‘You have to be like men’. They said ‘Yes we can. We can compete with you men’. So they are boxers. Women today they are boxers do you know that? They are boxers. They are wrestlers. They are bodybuilders. Subhanallah. Last year I came here. In the airport waiting for my flight, Abu Dhabi airport, the Olympics, the tournament was going on and there was a television in the lounge. By accident I looked up and guess what? A woman was trying to lift a heavy weight. And what happened? The weight was too much for her. She went cock-eyed. You are not cut for this, so who’s forcing you? You are not meant for this.”

“By asking the women to do all these things actually we are unfair to them. We are unfair to the sisters and unfair to the women in general. Some women when you see them how they walk, like martial art, like er…field marshals, military commandos. That’s how they walk.”

“The hijab must not resemble the garments of the kuffar. Your hijab should not look or resemble the hijab of the kaffirite or the dress of the kafir…if you imitate one of the kuffar you will be one of them.”

“All Muslim scholars agree that the niqab is the best thing for any Muslimah. No argument about this. All Muslims agree that niqab is the best. The only difference between Muslim scholars, is it fard or is it sunnah?”

The Status of Women in IslaamSalem Al Amry

“But the problem is that the enemies are talking that women in Islam are oppressed, women in Islam are not getting their rights, women in Islam etc. as if they are advocates for the Muslim woman, they feel sad for them, they feel pity for them. When we know that what they are after is that to take this Muslim woman out of her deen. To take her out of Islam, to remove your hijab, and to remove your jilbab and to wear your mini and etc. That’s what they are after. This is the truth. This is what they have on their agendas. Wake up sisters. Spreading corruption because they know, they know very well that facing the Muslims physically they can not. What to do? Spoil them morally, spoil them morally. Spread their corruption. As one of them said (Islamic quote) ‘A glass of wine and a woman will do the work more than one thousand cannons’. This is what one of them said. So this is their plan. This is their agenda. This is what they want. They want the fahisha, the evil, the moral corruption to spread.”

Salem Al Amry and Khalid Khan returned to speak at Al Mu’minaat’s next seminar, Towards a Righteous Ummah. Uthman Lateef of Hittin Institute was also added to the bill:

The follow up, Raising a Nation, received some attention from Tower Hamlets council, resulting in Abu Abdissalam being banned from speaking at the event. Ted Jeory shedded some light on the situation in his blog:

“A council spokeswoman said: “Mr Abdissalam was on an original list of speakers for this event, but was flagged up in our booking protocols (the Conditions of Hire) as someone of concern. The organisers were therefore asked to remove him from the list of speakers, which they did, and the event went ahead without him today.”

While Abdissalam was given the boot, Assim al-Hakeem was given the go ahead. Hakeem gives Haddad and Amry a run for their money in the misogyny stakes. He has declared that female circumcision is ‘recommended’, that women may not refuse ‘intimate relations’ with their husbands (even when the husband is drunk), that a woman may not leave the house without a husband’s permission and other gems like:

Interviewer: “What is your advice to sisters who want to stop having babies after three or four children?”

Assim Al-Hakim: “This goes against the sunnah, definitely….so it is part of the sunnah to have children, as many as you can. It is permissible to postpone pregnacy for two, three, maybe four years depending on the reason…but to indefinitely postpone it? No, this is not permissible.”

Hakeem’s views on Jews, Christians, non-Muslims, sex-slaves, child marriage, homosexuals and women can be found here.

Al Mu’minaat produces its own online publication for sisters. Volume 1, Issue 5 entitled ‘Our Deen, Our Children, Our Future’ contained this advice for parents:

An article in Issue 7,  Reviving our sense of Gheerah, attacked feminism, encouraged men to force hijab upon women and advised men not to allow their wives to talk to, or be seen by other men. Shockingly, this article was written by a woman.

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