Tim Humble

The Prophet (SAW) said you will follow the ways of those who came before you’ from the Jews and the Christians, hand span by hand span until if one of them put his hand into the lizard’s hole you would come after him and put your hand in. The lizard’s hole is the hole surrounded by the tails of scorpions. The Jew comes along and he puts his hand in and he’s stung, and you look at his hand and you toddle on after him and put your own hand in after him. Thus is the example the Prophet (SAW) gave. You hear the aimmah of the masajid making dua against the oppressors in Israel, and you copy the oppressors in Israel in your actions and in your akhlaq and in your dealings. You copy their ways, hand span by hand span. Listen to what Allah azza wa jal says about the Jews in the Quran, about a group of them. What does he say about their trustworthiness? About a group of them and their trustworthiness? From them are those who if you gave him a Dinar, if you trusted him with a Dinar he would not keep that trust unless you stood over him demanding it. How many people is this their description among the Muslims? How many times did he tell us about Bani Israel? Did Allah azza wa jal tell us about Bani Israel in the Quran? And tell us about their constant questioning the Messenger and their constant refusal to follow the commands of their Messenger? And then ask yourself how many of us are the same? How many of us, when the truth comes to us, we knowingly and deliberately choose something different just like Bani Israel did? What did Allah azza wa jal give us the reasons for Bani Israel to be cursed? And one of them (Arabic) their devouring of interest when they had been prohibited from it. And yet we see the Muslims in our congregation and in our community devouring interest. And they say (Arabic) Oh Allah take care of the Jews. Do you make dua against your own selves? Is it your own selves you want to curse? Because look at yourselves and look at the descriptions of Bani Israel in the Quran and you will see (Arabic) you are following the ways of the people that you curse. And this is the real solution, that when each individual person turns back to Islam and turns back to the book of Allah and the Sunnah and leaves the riba that the Jews were cursed for, and leaves the statement of the Jews that we don’t have any responsibility with regard to the other religions, and leaves the way of them with regard to questioning their prophets and constantly turning away from the truth, and leaves their way with regard to the issue of amanah and fulfilling the trust, and all of the other descriptions of them in the Quran. When we stop following them hand span by hand span then perhaps Allah azza wa jal will give us victory over them. But until then, when you copy them in every single thing that you do, in the aspects of your religion, in the aspects of your akhlaq, in the aspects of your clothing, in the aspects of your speech, in the aspects of your trustworthiness and your character, and you copy the very people that you say oh Allah help us against them. And this is not directed to any one individual but through our community and ourselves as a whole, myself and yours.


But how many times are we openly disobeying Allah? And we know fine well that we’re doing it. And the worst of it is this copying of Ahl al-Kitab, copying of their bad characteristics, copying of their dealings and their character. And then we say oh Allah help us against them. This is the problem. And the solution is to turn to Allah in repentance and to correct yourself, and to correct your families, and to correct your community. And you will see how Allah azza wa jal will bring about a change locally and globally when the Muslims change themselves.


After having understood this fundamental point, I want to focus on one particular characteristic of Ahl al-Kitab that we’re told about in the Quran that we as Muslims are falling into. And that because of falling into this, Allah azza wa jal caused a great deal of trials and tribulations to befall the people before us. And these stories and this mention of their history in the Quran is there for the reason for you to take a lesson from it. And that is the statement of Allah azza wa jal (Arabic) they did not use to prevent each other from the evil that they saw each other doing. What an evil thing it was that they used to do. And this is again another example of how we as an Ummah have come to follow and to live in the shadow of the very people that we ask Allah to help us against. We have stopped advising each other. When we see something wrong we’ve stopped speaking up against it. We’ve stopped trying to change the evil that exists within our community and indeed within the wider society as a whole. And when the previous nations did this Allah brought upon them disgrace and Allah caused their enemies to overcome them. And so we should not be surprised when this happens to us. Having said that, there will always remain a group of people firm upon the truth. And the Prophet (SAW) asked Allah, and from the things that he asked Allah and Allah granted him is that our Ummah will not be destroyed by an enemy that will overcome them all at once. We know that the eventual outcome is for the believers.

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