Yahya Ibrahim

“Allah (SWT) tells us, he tells us in his glorious book in Sura Al-Baqra, Verse 120, a verse that will remain eternal and will remain true until the Day of Judgement. Allah (SWT) gives us almost an advice by warning us of who our enemies are. Allah (SWT) tells us (Arabic) never will the Christians and the Jews be satisfied or content or pleased with you until you follow them and their religion. These are the words of Allah (SWT). And Allah does not just stop there but he orders us to do something, Say to them, verily we will not follow these. Allah is telling us say to them the guidance of Allah is the only guidance to be followed. And this is what I wish to speak to you today about in short words. I wish to speak to you today about how they are trying to influence us, how the disbelievers are trying to take us from our religion…”
“Our whole existence on this earth is in the worship of Allah (SWT), whether we are praying or whether we are at work, whether we are fasting or whether we are at school. Our existence is in the worship of Allah (SWT). (Arabic) these are the words of Allah (SWT) (Arabic). What do the mushrikeen and the kuffar say when they hear us recite such a verse? They try to answer us and say verily we as humans were only created to follow our ambition, and to follow our lust, and to acquire as much wealth, and as much women and children as we can. This is what they say.”

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