Yusuf Chambers




“Now no one in their right mind ever calls for the execution of anyone living in a democratic state. Can you say that anyone from the Muslim community has ever called for gays to be killed, or apostates? No. Scholars refer to these measures to be applied when living in an Islamic state and when the rigorous conditions are met. 

Islamic law is only applied in an Islamic state and where rigorous conditions are met, and not until then. “


Interviewer: “What does the sharia or Islamic law say, what does the sharia say specifically about, as you mentioned, sex outside of marriage, between a man and a woman? What does actually the sharia say about that?

Yusuf Chambers: “Sharia point of view is that if two people have sex outside marriage then the hudud, or the punishment can be established upon those people in an Islamic state, in the confines of an Islamic establishment.”

Zakir Naik: So the punishment for adultery, unlawful sexual intercourse done by married man is Islam, it is stoning to death.


It’s mentioned in Sahih Muslim Vol. no. 3 in the Book of Hudood Hadith no. 4191 where the Prophet said that

“Anyone who commits Zina, if an unmarried man or woman commits Zina i.e. if they do fornication the punishment is giving 100 lashes and they should be banished for 1 year.”

That Prophet continues and says that

“anyone who does Zina who is married, anyone who does unlawful sexual intercourse, does adultery, if a person is married, a man and a woman, the punishment is giving them 100 stripes. Lashing them 100 times and then stoning to death.”

This is the different type of punishment for Zina and it is one of the
major sin in Islam and in Al Qabair, Imaam At Dahabi, he gives no. 10 to the sin, Zina, adultery and fornication.

Yusuf Chambers: Well, Dr. Zakir, I feel that those 2 punishments were enough to frighten the most of the individuals from Zina. May Allah protect us from that.

Zakir Naik: That’s in Islamic country but the punishment is not there in a non-muslim country.

Yusuf Chambers: Ahaa…

Zakir Naik: So If it’s put through out the world, InshaAllah, Zina would be removed from the face of the earth.

Yusuf Chambers: InshaAllah

Zakir Naik: InshaAllah

Yusuf Chambers: May Allah allow us to bring back that punishment to protect all humanity, InshaAllah.

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